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well thought was my friend I am pissed because I have a car thats had problems since I drove it off the lot Brand New at that my husband is a disabled veteran my income came from being his care taker, last month they took us out the program. I made an appointment and went in. Why just be a capital if you can be more (just jokes, btw idk) 1. This case was a New York case, and the judge declared that there were no violations of New York state law taking place. Box 660647 Dallas, TX 75266-0647 Loan Servicing Main Line 855-563-5635 Indirect Funding Phone 855-976-9766, Fax (877) 215-3299 Underwriting 855-541-7717 Titles 855-531-5531 Ive had to hire attorney. 4,000 in interest and totally upside down in jeep DO we have recourse? A class-action lawsuit accuses Fiat Chrysler of manufacturing the 2014 Jeep Cherokee with transmission problems that cannot be fixed. It doesnt really make it any better to know there are other people going through similar situations as we are with Chrysler Capitol. Do you have the figures reversed? Updat: To make matters worse, now I have obtained service records from Lexus that show that the vehicle was previously involved in a substantial accident which should have totaled the vehicle. That was a lie. something neeeds to be done with chrysler manufacturing. She told me that after a year all I had to do was call in to refinance and then they will cut my interest to a single digit interest rate. The plaintiffs say the Uconnect 8.4A system is still defective after multiple replacements. I still have no paperwork but have made payments every month for a year. The same thing has happened to us. I didnt understand how the previous lawsuit help consumers who defaulted on their loans, but didnt help consumers struggling to pay these illegal loans. I will end up paying over three times what my vehicle is worth after all is said and done. Due to the rich and centuries-old musical tradition in Chennai, it was added to the UNESCO Creative Cities . This has got to stop, I also have a neighbor in this same position, from the same people Chrysler Capital overly charging customers and beyond high interest rates, which is illegal in the state of California. The case status is Pending - Other Pending. the interest is ridiculous and I am seeing on my statements where 100% of my payment is going towards interest for several months. That they never have the parts too. Ive just lost my job because Chrysler capital refused me timely service in the recovery of my vehicle. They told me the estimated payoff amount is $11,204.04 good until 12/2/15. No steering, breaks, no nothing.scary. Not there fault but stay at home with minimal people skills or a working knowledge of English language. Knowing the fundamental importance of automobiles in these consumers lives, Chrysler Capital takes advantage of them by imposing interest rates that are unreasonable, unfair and illegal under New York law.. The TIPM controls and distributes power to all of the electrical functions of the vehicle, including the vehicle safety and ignition systems. Same here interest rate is what I was paying and the value of the car weems like it went up. I have become diligent when it comes to my credit and determined to get out of debt. This case was filed in U.S. Courts Of Appeals, U.S. Court Of Appeals, Second Circuit. I called chrysler capitol about this and they said on 4/11/13 I was financed for $9917.53 and I have not even touched the principal yet just been paying on the interest for 2 years. I have been trying to come up with extra money to pay towards just the principle, but they have my payment so high that it is impossible. The Chrysler Capital Auto Loan Class Action Lawsuit is Garcia v. Chrysler Capital LLC, et al., Case No.1:15-cv-05949, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. The Judge overseeing this case is PETER A. LYNCH. Build credit prior to big purchases. I test drove a 2009 Lexus is250. Im also wondering if they did something fraudulent to get this car for me. I been making payments of $572.00 for 3 years and 4 months. we bought a 2016 chrysler 200 brand new it has 69000 miles on it now. I was told that it went on my credit then I see its a class y suit against. Actions does not process claims and we cannot advise you on the Chrysler Capitol is practicing the harrassment of elderly, disabled, and low income. I was paying the interest rates only. We are making sure that our customers have access to essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic. I cant just trust anybody any more. When I asked Chrysler Capital about what information they leave if they leave a message. Chrysler CapitalLLC is being sued in an auto loan class action lawsuit, which alleges the financial department of the Chrysler Group LLCuses local dealerships to get around usury laws while exploiting New Yorks low income consumers by financing high interest rate car loans. Chrysler Capital LLC is being sued in an auto loan class action lawsuit, which alleges the financial department of the Chrysler Group LLC uses local dealerships to get around usury laws while exploiting New York's low income consumers by financing high interest rate car loans. The vehicle was purchased as a 1 owner, clean title, no accidents. And that there's at least 17 technical bulletins about the 4th generation Uconnect system, but none of them seem to actually do anything productive. I asked about my copies and they keep saying we will mail you copies of the paperwork. Can my daughter and I get in on the law suit. Roughly thats 28,000 for a car that has been nothing but trouble since day one. I have paid the $21,000 but they my account due to none payment and has caused my credit to look worse. Read you contracts people.