You’re Going to be DEAD One Day


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Continuing his acclaimed series of meditations on life and death, David Horowitz turns to the consolation that his marriage and family have brought him amid the trials of age and illness. You’re Going to Be Dead One Day is a political warrior’s reflection on the mysterious rejuvenating power of love, the bittersweet way in which our children reward us while also leaving us behind, and how kindnesses to others bring blessings home.

As a young radical, Horowitz, like his father, gave his all to the cause of a global salvation. After bitter experience brought him back to earth, he discovered the grace that comes from more modest redemptions and a woman whose devotion to other lives gave a deeper meaning to his. The story he tells is a “romance of age” rather than youth, of achievement rather than promises. A reflective Horowitz writes, “Sometimes I grow misty in my walks when I think back over the years and remember the people I loved and the times I failed them. No regret is greater than these memories, salted by the wisdom of hindsight. I should have been a better husband and father and friend. I want to believe that the man I am now would have done better. But while my thoughts can travel back in time, I cannot. Consequently, there is little I can do with these regrets other than use them as an inspiration to be kinder and more understanding toward those I love in the days that remain.”


“This is the best Horowitz book ever. I laughed, I cried, I reflected on my own life, and everything seemed okay.”
—Wally Nunn, chairman emeritus, Medal of Honor Foundation